Maripily Rivera Jeans Go Well with Your Body

Nowadays, a lot of women love to accentuate parts of their body to look impressive, especially during lasts days of summer and before autumn hits again. If you like to achieve a desirable look and make all heads spinning, Pompis Store´s online store brings you a beautiful collection of flexible jeans designed by the famous TV host Maripily Rivera.


These exclusive Maripily Rivera jeans made of Spandex and Cotton will give you the flexibility and top quality you are searching for, and make you look stunning.


Unique and Trendy Apparel


At Pompis Stores we always offer premium quality products while follow the latest trends in women´s fashion. That’s why our jeans Maripily River are currently being used by trendy American and Latin women who are in search for no complications, yet these casual trousers can be used with more serious outfit as well.


When you buy Maripily Rivera jeans, each one come with these features:


  • High quality performance material made of: 97% Cotton and 3% Spandex
  • Nice colors and neat styles
  • Perfected sizing
  • Flatter your figure
  • Very comfortable


Our Company

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